TRS055 Techniche Radioshow: Technomancer Guest Mix

This week’s Techniche Radioshow features a special guest mix from Technomancer in preview of his debut guest appearance at our monthly event on 03.01.17. Technomancer brings a dark & driving mix including tracks from The Reactivitz, Albert Kraner, Patrick Esrever & more.

1.) Deh-Noizer – Soul Train (Andy Notalez Remix)[Yellow Recordings]
2.) Yan Cook – Drag Me (Andy Notalez Remix)[Yellow Recordings]
3.) Rico Buda – Retaliatory Measure (Strobetech Remix)[Qubiq Records]
4.) Albert Kraner – The Man Who Knew Too Much [Crunch Control]
5.) Bjoern Willing -The Change (Mike Maass & Matt Mus Remix)[Black Circus]
6.) Mark Grandel – Eating Ice (Full On Funk Remix)[Boiler Underground Records]
7.) Hackler & Kuch – Duck & Cover [The Zone Records]
8.) Tea Vuckovic – Sustain Your Desire Original Mix[Techburst Records]
9.) Klangtronik – No Pain (Yannick Fuchs Remix)[Subwoofer Records]
10.) Patrick Esrever – Home Is Where Your Story Begins (Kai Pattenberg Remix)[Sons Of Techno]
11.) Niereich vs. Hackler & Kuch – We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan (A. Paul Remix)[Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
12.) Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – Da Cube Original Mix [AnalyticTrail]
13.) Kai Pattenberg – Jagdfieber [Krannit Records]
13.) The Reactivitz,Marck D – Techno Heaven [Rhythm Distrikt]